(also, for the becue challenged)


The Every Thursday Night Barbecue At Dick Flaharty's

tcd at


It is just a Fairbanks Alaska thing.




It is the adventure crowd, climbers, cavers, kayakers, rafters, artists, explorers, scientists, snow machiners, hunters, skiers, wine folks, folks from other countries, some passers-by, the neighbors, occasional riffraff, a few people with real jobs, and some unusual people who just appear.

Pot luck, and a bottle of vintage wine if you have one.

Anyone can show up, and they do. Some of them are rather interesting. Inordinate things are learned.

Might be a few things said that do not flatter our dear friends in the government. Normal Alaska thing.

It has been happening for many years. The history may be added.

The web slave will add the weekly report, after he recovers from each function, most of the time.

How to get there? Email tcd at, and he will tell you how to get there. Use a subject line, Thursday Night.

Remember, vintage wine, at least October. And practice an adventure story, a real one if you have it.


This website was first uploaded shortly after fire was invented, which became useful for barbecues and burning fingers. Since then, the humans have learned more knowledge, including the mistake of barbecues.

More knowledge...

If you do not promptly get and watch (twice) the movies, "Forks Over Knives", and "A Beautiful Truth", you are nearly certain to later have a major "oh shit" event that will not be pleasant, and then with that profound incentive, you may belatedly watch the movies that could have easily prevented that major "oh shit" event.

And the incentive is much more than you currently recognize. The US government is about to collapse, and YOU will be adversely affected. The federal systems are bankrupt. There is no useful money in any government system. The DemocanRepublicrat War and Police Regime has printed the paper US Dollar down to pending sudden worthlessness. The government cannot print itself out of the fatal spiral into which it printed itself. The money was already given to foreign military generals, the Military Industrial Complex executives, foreign banks, New York City banksters, and insider cronies who quickly bought gold or other solid investments outside the US. Before the collapse, the desperate government will rob you of everything it can. If it is not in your hand, you will lose it. The power-damaged minds of the top DemocanRepublicrat Regime thugs sincerely believe the Deng Xio Ping maxim of.... "It's us or them." And they have the police and military to take what they perceive they need for survival. If you have a savings account, retirement account, health insurance policy or anything else in a government controlled institution, kiss it good by. The DemocanRepublicrat's new health law is being enforced. Your health insurance policy ends at age 65, and you are enrolled in Medicare, without choice, for which you will pay each month, which is already denying necessary medical treatments for lack of money. The insurance companies who supported the new health law thus got your money during your healthy years, and dump you onto the bankrupt government when you will need the insurance. If you are a young person, learn a readily tradable skill, work hard, stay out of the system, stay away from large cities, watch those two movies, live very modestly, and accumulate gold in a secure hole in the ground.

But there are opportunities. After watching "Forks Over Knives", and "A Beautiful Truth", you can cut the grill off your barbecue, and weld on two wok's. You can even patent it, and make a fortune selling them after distributing free copies of those movies.

Now, fire up the wok-becue, and don't burn your fingers.


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The contact is the web slave: David at He has a direct line to the grillmeister.